I am a Web Applications developer experienced in both Web design and development. I am well versed in all modern front-end technology – OOP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, DOM, CMS systems, SEO. I specialize in usability and interface design/development, especially for small-screen and mobile devices.

NMPD Diploma with Honors
Jason Lang Scholorship Recipient


JS Libraries
Moo Tools

Productivity Software
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe flash
Microsoft Office Suite

Operating Systems
Windows (XP – 7)
Mac OS X

Work Skills
Team leadership
Time management
Independent inquiry

Client Work

Skills and Interests
Guitar Playing
Pencil Drawing
Watercolor painting
Mountain Biking
Screen Printing

Professional Experience

2010 – Present, Sr. Web Applications Developer – SCAinteractive

As the Sr. Web Applications Developer I was involved in product model development, working alongside Project Management and Marketing & Sales I designed mechanics and features in a modular methodology, with current capabilities and future expansion in mind. These improvements included modernizing and leveraging technologies from existing proprietary applications, integrating new technologies into the Promotion Engine™ and creating tools for non-developers to contribute to the Promotion development process.

2006 – 2010, Web Designer/Developer – SCAinteractive

Filling multiple roles in the concept and execution process, core responsibilities included designing and developing complex widgets and web components, web graphics, user experience templates, mobile technologies development and HTML email campaigns. Throughout the process working closely with project managers and other members of the Development Team to both produce innovative, and reusable web based solutions and to ensure timely completion of deliverables.

2005 – Present, Freelance design, Western Canada

CMS installation and setup, front end design and development, CSS styles and templates, php and javascript widget development with jQuery.

Education & Accreditation

2006 – New Media Production and Design, SAIT – with Honors

2005 – Jason Lang Scholarship, SAIT – outstanding academic achievement

Skills and Expertise

Template development
Convert screen design to proper HTML and CSS code and produce assets in HTML, CSS, and Java Script that can be used by other developers, as well as prepare graphic design and graphical page elements.

  • Modular UI styles.
  • Creative based template development.
  • Original creative template development.

Component Design
Component features include buttons, accordions, forms, form validation, and support art.

  • Designs and implements web user interface layouts for promotional sites.
  • Creates templates that accommodate multi-language copy.

Web graphics design
Over 10 years of digital art and design experience. Graphic designs for web features left out of the original composites, such as page graphics, GUI buttons and mobile assets.

  • Image Optimization.
  • Create banners, promotion logos and other web assets.
  • Modify digital assets.

HTML E-mail Design and Development
Designing HTML e-mails for clients templates, as well as converting client resources into custom contest HTML e- mails.

Research & Development
Feature development done in a practical methodology, with current capabilities and future expansion in mind.

  • Investigate new technologies and Implementation
  • Feature Design & Development

* References available upon request.

Recent Posts

ICE Western

ICE Western A while back I designed and developed a corporate identity site for the Calgary company ICE Western. ICE Western started back in 1991 as a custom division of ICE Mfg Ltd. ICE Western’s purpose was to take on the production of highly complex HVAC units not suited for the production lines at the main plant in Winnipeg.

The head of Sales and Engineering wanted to expand their web presence, by centralizing their sales tools, and presentations in a single spot online and in the process – open up the possibility of over seas contracts.

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